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News Bits….

*Indian Government should be vigilant about The Chief minister of Northern Provincial Council C.V.Wigneswaran  as he is acting  to suit the wishes of the Tamil Diaspora :  Indian Senior journalist Narayan Swamy ( From Divayina Sinhala daily) 

* Term of office of 234 Local Government bodies extended  till May 15th.

* A special Officer will be appointed in the PM’s Secretariat to solve problems of the North: Ranil, in Jaffna.

*Un expert on a 6-day visit to Sri Lanka to assist in reconciliation activities

*Parliament to be dissolved in May???

* Sri Lankan trying handle India and China at balance :L The Hindu, India.

* SLFP has transformed in to party propping up the UNP:  Dayan Jayatilleke.

* The Politics without Mahindha is like a wedding without the bride: Uthaya Gammanpila.

* If anything happens to me the government is responsible: Mahindha Rajapakse.