Tamil Diplomat

News Bits……

* SLFP MPs to get out of Ministry posts.

*Mahindha promise 25,000/=  basic salary and Ranil 31,000/= for state workers.

* Elect no turncoats………..JVP Leader in Jaffna.

* Internal investigation mechanism incorporating UN Proposals……Manifestio of UNF.

* Solutionto etnic problemwithin united Sri Lanka: UNF

* Mahindha paid 800 million to Tigers from Treasury to protect Rajapaksas: Champika Ranawake.

* If some thing happen Mahindha’s life, Ranil will be responsible: Vimal Weeravansa.

* Threat to National  Security by Tigers: Mahindha faction’s election cry.

* Ranil day dreaming: Pavithra Vanniarachi

* I am sad about TNA scolding me:  Ravup Hakeem

* The results on Sri Lanka’s Elections important to the whole world: Former in charge of CIA