Tamil Diplomat

News Bits from Jaffna Dailies

* Green chillies sold at Rs.600/= per Kilo. Altercations observed between vegetable vendors and customers asking for 50 grams.- Uthayan – p.04

* Students should get interested in Politics.- MP, Saravanapawan, at the Prize giving of the Uthayan Web Radio. We should have students, well versed in Politics in the next 5 years , he said.  – Uthayan, p.04

 * Thavachelvam(aged 32 years) and Wimalathas ( aged 25 years), both from Valalai Atchuvely were seriously injured , when the Motor Cycle they were travelling colloided with an Army truck at Roddiyaladi, Chunnakam- Uthayan, p.04

* A youth from Puttalam Area was arrested in the Jaffna Bus stand with 600 grams of Ganja. He was to be produced in courts today- Uthayan, p.04

 * A paralysed  old woman, Shanmugarajah Nagapoosany ( aged 79), who was being cared by her daughter, was burned to death when the mosquito coils placed near her ignited her bed sheet. At the time of the incident her daughter was at the well washing clothes- Uthayn,p.04