Tamil Diplomat

News bits from today’s Jaffna Tabloids


1. The struggle of the Tamils not over- Suresh Premachandran at the memorial of the Tamil Enthusiast killed at the Tamil Research Conference venue.

2. Following Election results the share Market’s Main Index had increased by 100 points

3. Stones pelted on the house of the EPDP organiser for Vadamarachchi, Siri Rangeswaran, camouflaged by the crackers lighted to celebrate victory of President Maithri

4. I was defeated by Tamils- Boils Mahinda

5. Mahindha’s efforts to mass Army all over Colombo rejected by the Army Commander.

6. Major General Chandrasiri,  the controversial Governor of Northern Province is expected to be  replaced by a civilian Governor, on Monday.

7. Defeated was not Mahinda but the Sinhala Buddhist – Bodu Bala Sena.

8. A younger brother of Ex-President Mahintha Rajapakse, Dudley Rajapakse also left the country in the early hours of Saturday to Bangkok. He is a citizen of America.