Tamil Diplomat

Next stage of land release is not possible immediately, Army renovating fence : Rajeevan

The Army is putting up fences of the boundaries of lands released recently by the President. Hence the stage of land release will not be possible immediately said the President of the Vali North resettlement Group.

As their houses are flattened and large pits had been excavated by the Army causing Rain water to stagnate in them. The land owners  are requesting relevant officers to help them fill the pits. The Army permitted the owners of 454 acre land released recently, to inspect their properties. The President who visited Vali North on last 31st  announced that the above 454 acre for resettlement. The Army instructed the people to go in carefully as the land mine threat has not been fully removed, before allowing them in.

Although the lands are released in stages, further 4,589 acres are still under the control of the Army. In a context where the deadline of the president to resettle transit camp people is to expire soon, the Army is reinforcing their fence just outside the released lands. It seems that next stage of release will not be possible immediately, said Rajeevan.