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Nimalarajan, Atputhan, Maheswary  were murdered by EPDP : Former member of EPDP

A former senior member of the EPDP revealed shocking news that several people including journalist Nimalarajan, Nadarajah Atputharajah, K.S.Rajah and Maheswary Velayutham were murdered by the EPDP and that they engaged in such murders and abductions with the connivance of the Sri Lankan Army.

In a press conference held yesterday at the Jaffna Press Club, a senior member of the EPDP, S.Ponnaiah revealed several shocking information.

Ponnaiah, who was with the EPDP, from 1990 to 2008, said to the media men that:


Editor of ‘Thinamurasu’ Newspaper Atputharajah Nadarajah

Amember of the EPDP and the Editor of “Thinamurasu” , Nadarajah Atputharajah, and Attorney at Law, Maheswary Velayutham were murdered by EPDP. They were not murdered by Liberation Tigers. They were murdered for personal reasons and the blame was passed on to the Liberation Tigers.

Likewise, the murder in Jaffna of journalist Nimalarajan was also committed by the EPDP. The perpetrators are still in Jaffna. some had gone abroad. In a context where the perpetrators are still in Jaffna , their arrests  will bring all the truth out.

I was also in Jaffna when the attack on “Uthayan” was carried out. This attack was made jointly by EPDP and the Army.

Journalist Nimalarajan

BBC reporter Nimalarajan Mylvaganam

When the attackers were returning after the attack,  the army fired on them thinking that they are Tigers. The EPDP members, Rajan and Thivaharan who were injured in this shooting were treated at Palaly Army Hospital. They are still alive. Those who made the attack and those who instigated it are still in Jaffna.

The murders and abductions at places including Nelliady, Pungudutheevu, Karainagar, Jaffna and Vavuniya were carried out by the EPDP. EPDP carried out abductions in the Jaffna District jointly with the Army. Charles was in charge of the abductions.

The murder in Delft of Assistant Government Agent, Nicholas was also committed by the EPDP. Although the police was informed of this, no action was taken.


Human Rights Lawyer Maheswari Velautham

6 EPDP members who tried to escape from EPDP at Suruvil, Kayts and join the Tigers were hacked to death. EPDP’s former MP, Ramamoorthy is the person who hacked them to death.He conducted a meeting for us with bloody knife with which he had hacked them to death.

The Radio announcer K.S.Rajah who disputed with the former government and staying in India was brought down to Colombo by Doughlas Devanantha. When the news of K.S.Rajah was planning to join the SLBC again, he was murdered by EPDP by poisoning his drink, due to them fearing that their secrets would be revealed.


Radio Ceylon – Radio Announcer Late K. S. Raja

EPDP members like Viji in Colombo, Pandiyan in Jaffna and Kili in Kayts were murdered by EPDP members themselves. The attack on TNA members was ordered by EPDP’s former MP, Mano alias Mathanarajan. After the new Government came to power, although these murders were reported to Police Stations at Colombo and Jaffna, they were not accepted in a proper way.

When I was in the EPDP, the salaries paid by the Ministry of Defence were grabbed by the EPDP and we were paid meager amounts, he said.