Wednesday 20 June 2018
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If there is no autonomy, the uniqueness of Tamils will be lost: CM, C.V.Wigneswaran

If there is no autonomy, the uniqueness of Tamils will be lost: CM, C.V.Wigneswaran

If autonomy is not included in the new Constitution, the uniqueness of the Tamils will be lost  said the CM, NPC, C.V.Wigneswaran. He also said, a Federal System and the N-E Merger  are also essential.

He said this in an interview granted to a journalist regarding current political situation.

I am not aware as to what level the Solution package has come. I was not consulted. Neither was I informed. 6 sub-committee reports were sent. We don’t know what had happened after that.

From what we came know, it seems that they will not accept three things. But those three things are very much need for us. Those are ‘musts’. Federal system, North and East  Merger and autonomy are should be included in the new constitution.

They are trying to use ‘Aekiya Ratta’, because the Sinhala people will oppose Federal system. This could be taken to mean as ‘United Country’ or ‘Unitary State.  They are trying to interpret it as  ‘Collective state’. This will not work out because precedence in given to Sinhala interpretation in the Constitution. In Sinhala this will mean only a ‘Unitary State’. They will say that it is unitary state.

I suggested to use ‘Eksath’ which will mean integrated State. Sampanthan was telling that no harm will be done by ‘Aekiya Ratta’. I told him also that Eksath more better.

Unitary state will have more rights and power to Sinhalese people and our rights will be decimated over the time. They have also opposed merger. Why we need merger? Just think of the number of Sinhalese in 1949 and now. Sinhalese people have been inserted into the East. If the North and East will not merge, in 20 years our uniqueness will be lost. If autonomy is not accepted it will be detrimental to our interests. If they will not accept autonomy, our uniqueness will be lost, he said.

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