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No contamination in 85% wells – National Water Supplies and Drainage Board Report

The District Secretary, Jaffna, N.Vethanayagan said yesterday that the report of the National Water Supplies and Drainage Board (NWSDB) report had revealed that, there is no contamination in 85% of the wells tested by them. Meanwhile the Minister of National Water Supplies and Drainage, Raub Hakeem, answering a question by Douglas Devananda, quoted the same report, as saying that there is contamination in 73% of the wells,  with 4% of the wells  having less than the stipulated safe level and 23 % with no contamination.

Wells within an area of 2.5 Km. radius from the power plant in Chunnakam are affected. We are supplying 250 litre of water to each family. We are intending to file a case against this company to recover the cost of supplying water. We have decided not to charge any money for testing the wells, he said.

However, The District Secretary said that the Board’s report had said the 855 of the wells are free from contamination. and the Board’s team is to test around 400 wells. He also said that the water supply is being made with funds from the Ministry of Crisis Management. The Chairman of the  Valli North PS, Sugirthan said that the  NWSDB had charged Rs.1,100  plus transport charges for testing each of our wells.