Tamil Diplomat

No electricity for 21,031 families in Mullaitheevu District

There are 21,031 families in Mullaitheevu District, which have not been supplied with electricity until now, it is reported.

In the context of, post war resettling of 41,322 families into Mullaitheevu district, several basic amenities for the resettled people are not fulfilled  to date.  Half of the families which resettled in Mullaitheevu are living without Electricity.

The Electricity Board had announced that 21,039 families living in Weli-oya, Odduchuddan, Puthukkudiyiruppu, Karaithuraipattu,  Manthai East, Thunukkai Divisional Secretary’s areas  of the Mullaitheevu District had to be supplied with electricity.