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No Federal Solution, No N-E Merger & Sampanthar and Sumanthiran should get out: Suresh Premachandran

In a context where the basic rights of Tamil people are refused, in the Constitution , saying no Federal solution…No Merger of North and East and priority to Buddhism, there is no point in Sampanthan and Sumanthiran remaining in the Guidance Committee. They should get out from, insisted Suresh Premachandran, Former MP and the Leader  of the EPRLF.

His insistence came in the media conference on the rejection of basic Rights in the constitution, held at the Jaffna Press Club yesterday.

Elaborating further he said, Sampanthan and Sumanthiran are members of the 21-strong Constitution Guidance Group. Minister Mahindha Amaraweera has clearly said that,  they have not placed forward any demands for Federal Solution or North East Merger and that Buddhism.

At the same time UNP, SLFP and JVP have rejected all demands of the Tamil people, placed through TNA and they say they are ready only to Unitary State system.

In a context where majority of Ministers in the ruling party had stated that unitary state system cannot be altered  and clearly stated that N-E merger  will not be accepted, what is the need for Sampanthan and Sumanthiran taking part in the Guidance Committee? , he asked.

The TNA should get out from the Committee, and hold strong negotiations with the Government and obtain reliable pledges from it. Thereafter the return to the Committee could be considered, he said.