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No Hindu Cemetery existed at the mass grave site: says Senior Counsel,Chandraprakasan Niranjan

In a context of arrangements being made excavate the mass grave and the well found near Thiruketheeswaram, the CID in adamantly saying that there was a cemetery in the excavation site.

In this context the senior counsel Chandraprakasan Niranjan  said that the mass grave is not a cemetery.

Commenting on this to a media he said that  Local Government bodies have the duty of registering and maintain cemeteries of any religion.

The president of the Mannar Pradeshiya Saba had confirm\med that no cemetery existed there. Existence of a cemetery in close proximity of Thirukatheeswaram Temple which had been glorified by Thevara verses, is against all norms of Hindu tradition.

A survey plan obtained from Mannar Survey department doen not indicate a cmetery’s existence.

Only passengers rest, Cooperative store and well is indicated in it.

Finding more than 83 skeletal remains in a small pit excavated on Courts order had strengthen the suspicion whether this is a cemetery.