Monday 21 May 2018
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No more we can allow decisions of Individuals : Chief Coordinator of Tamil People’s Council, Dr.P.Luxman

No more we can allow decisions of Individuals : Chief Coordinator of Tamil People’s Council, Dr.P.Luxman

Chief Coordinator of Tamil People’s Council, Dr.P.Luxman, had stated that the political aspirations and the voyage of Tamil People are unique, it had always given priority to policies, and hence, we could allow no more, the decisions of individuals relevant to Tamil people.

Speaking in the inaugural event of the Tamil People’s Council, held in Jaffna on Saturday, he said further, that, the need of today for the dawn of Tamil Land, is a Politicized People’s Social movement not just a sentimentalizing tawdry   election politics.

Full text of his speech is given below:

This policy is not something that was created by the definitions in the lines of Law books or political books, for it to be amended from time to time.

The political aspirations and the voyage of our People are unique. It had given priority to Policies. It stood by it, from the start, despite numerous disasters and bargains. Being aware that, that voyage is a difficult one and so many seductive utterance being thrown across its path it did not compromise its policies.

It did not bend it to suit its comfort accompanied by terminologies like  “In accordance with  Time” or “Practicable”. It did not move away from its basic policies. On the contrary, it changed only its ways and means in accordance with the time. Enhanced them.

This policy is not something that was created  by the definitions in the lines of Law books or political books, for it to be amended from time to time. It is our life. Our experience. They are the doctrines adopted by our race, according to natural morality on the basis of its experience to secure our life from obliteration.

The politics of our people always rallied behind policies; never carried off behind individuals or parties of symbols. The same commitment to policies of our people was a problem to factions which endeavoured to destroy our Identity and to oppress us. No such bargains made our people budge from their stance. Not any atrocities made our people to change their track. The political Leaders understood it much more than the people. That kept them from changing tracks.

They had a need to destroy this intension if they want to oppress our people. But, unfortunately, the situation after 2009 was not like that. All the things about which we were careful, so that they won’t deviate us, had enveloped us with beautiful terminologies like globalization, Field reality and diplomacy.

In our land in which, politics was dedicative people thinking and action, all have the sorrow of thinking, whether fake words and garlanding are evolving as politics. Election politics is interweaved with Position politics. One of the techniques of the oppressors to break functional politics is granting high posts. Election politics cannot be handled properly. The histories of Policy politics de railing are numerous. We will hope that no such situation will occur in our soil. The attitude of “ others will look after it” will also strengthen such politics. Because of our trend of watching from a distance, as soon as the elections were over, they started thinking without any obligation for accountability that responsibility of determining the destiny of Tamil People is theirs and only theirs.

We cannot ever allow only the conversation within closed door which are not made public to the people who voted them and decisions of individual persons determining the destiny of our people. Allowing like that will amount to aiding injustices happening right in front of our eyes. The true people’s interest related politics will not terminate with elections only. It will be made possible through dialogues and through widespread participation, outside election politics.

The need for the dawn of our Land, is a Politicized People’s Social movement not just a sentimentalizing tawdry election politics. Avoiding such position politics, only a peoplised force will take us forward towards a dawn.  For approaching our problem historically and intellectually, and to move towards a fair solution to all the losses during the period to date, rallying together of all the people without any party discrimination is a compulsion of time. This is not only a call for parties but also an appeal towards all our people.

When every government which came to power one after the other tried to oppress us under the guise development, economic development and through several other methods other than Military violence, Not only the Military Machine aided them but also the intellectuals and professionals, along with the politicians of that country, who drew the blue prints for the scientific plans to destroy the basics of our country through planned colorizations and economical-cultural invasions.

If the people and intellectuals had contributed to this level towards the activity of oppressing a race, deviating from the righteous path, what should have been our role on behalf of the oppressed people against the oppressing activity? What should be our role from now on?  If we ask these questions from ourselves we will be able to take small first step towards the correct path. This is an attempt that came into being, like this.

As far as we are concerned today’s situation is far more dangerous than the disaster of Mulliwaikal of 2009. If our politicians are not truthful to the people and the people are not vigilant there is a danger of our future being devoured.

The political pawn moving carried out through minute moves, will record that the solution for us, which will be formatted without the presence of our people, was given to us. Preparation may also be done to show that the Tamils had accepted the solution. We should be aware of such moves undertaken with much speed, enveloping us. If in this conjuncture, we and the people are not vigilant we will be forced encounter a big disappointment. We do not believe that this challenge could be confronted by individuals or individual organizations. All forces which think related to people’s interests should rally together. This is only possible through a politicized people’s organization incorporating all. Hence, we call upon all those who have congregated here, to get together in the name of the sacrifices made on our soil and act as per the policy placing forward only the interests of our people to the forefront. We are duty bound to thank all those who have dedicated themselves for the interests of the people above their own political ends.

The expectation of everybody is that, this should evolve into a politicized people’s movement.

This organization had assembled here as a first step to this. The work and coordination should be undertaken by us all over Tamil Home Land.  As a fist stage, it is an urgent and essential requirement to place forward our aspirations in the form of a document formatted through discussions with the people, with a view of today’s political Leadership to take the targets of our struggle with regard to political solution, in a correct direction, and to place forward, this is what the Tamils expect through a political solution. First of all we should nominate an Experts’ Committee to draft this document. Then that should be given to the people for their deliberations. We should get their suggestions and place it forward it as a document containing their desires and reflecting their aspirations. We should insist that our representatives should operate as a political organization on the basis of this document. This council should ensure that this is done.

We have to act swiftly and carefully. Not only regarding political solution but also there is a need for our scope should be expanded to include the development and preservation of our Language, Arts, culture, and economic structure which serve as the symbols of our identity.

We all will get together and work in the name of the our race, in the name of the dedications done for this soil and in the name of our next generation who must live on this soil without losing their identity, realizing the importance of this moment.

3 thoughts on “No more we can allow decisions of Individuals : Chief Coordinator of Tamil People’s Council, Dr.P.Luxman

  1. T. Thesailankai Mannan

    After independence we have to make so much of sacrifices and carry a lot of life long pain to bring our international human rights struggle to reach United Nations Systems and principle to solve. We have achieved this victory. We can’t ignore the UN process. We should prepare our people to carry the flag of’ The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Charter-1948′ principles to address all our issues based on these principles. A satisfactory Federal System, or calling for people’s referendum or even for a demand for the ‘right of self determination’ all should be interpreted through these principles. Because the international determination for the recognition of the rights of the people has been developed as the base for political solutions. Future is going to strengthen this universal voice. Sri Lanka has been given the last chance to protect its integrity through the new Constitution they are talking about these days. Let them to have this opportunity if they want to protect this country.

  2. Peter Schalk

    I kindly ask for clarification of the word race in “in the name of our race”. What would you say in Tamil? In English this word has many references. If there is a Tamil version of the whole text I would like to have a copy.

    With the best wishes. Peter Schalk, Uppsala, Sweden

  3. Dr C P Thiagarajah

    Tamils awoke from a deep slumber. The ills that came over us was the attitude of all Tamil citizens regarding the common good of all. They were living in colonial days. They wanted to advance ahead of the other Tamils in getting big jobs etc. In such a hunt they trampled their own friends and relatives and ignored the community spirit. The Sinhalese bserved this and played their card s right like the colonial masters. Sampanthan behaved like a baby in supporting this government without any written agreements even after the Sinhalese drove the entire Wanni citizens and drove them to Mullivaikal beach and carried out the May 2009 genocide in the name of eradicating terrorism. What was the necessity of the Sinhala government to execute even those who wanted to surrender after the war? This shows the attitude of the Sinhalese who want to reduce the number of Tamils still unborn through these Tamils. Real Dute gemunu style. Should this be allowed to happen in this enlightened age? Power politics or whatever has to be played in a decent way as allowed under UNHRC rules. Pessimists might forewarn another army assault if anything like mass protest takes place. It may be true. But are the Tamils going to give up the Homeland because of this threat.

    UNHRC head is coming to Jaffna in Feb 2016 it have been reported. This is a good opportunity to point out to him actually what happened.. If necessary give him the aerial photograph of TH with how the rmy encircled with 40000 troops and drove Wanni people out. No where was this done to fight Terrorism except in Israel and India and Sri-Lanka. Produce a video with the help of Mr Callun Macray or Brother Seeman.


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