Tamil Diplomat

No order for acquisition of, people’s Lands, Form is for finding out the options : Mawai

The president has not given any order for acquisition of people’s lands in Vali-North, said Mawai Senathyrajah. He further said the forms that were to be delivered to the people are finding out the options of the people regarding compensations; the relevant factions had informed him.

Elaborating further he said that, we he contacted the Prime Minister Ranil, he had said that he was not aware of such move and he will appropriate action after studying the matter. Likewise, the Resettlement Minister, D.M. Swaminathan and Secretary to the Ministry of Defence when contacted, had consulted the President and had informed back that no order had been given to acquire people’s lands but, the forms were given to find the options of the people.

However he said that, with regard to people’s problems, nobody can take actions at their will, without consulting us. Land release is progressing in stages. There are chances that all lands will be released in the future. In this context we cannot allow any body to take such action which will confuse the people. We are convinced that lands on which the people lived belong to those people, he said.