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No solution within unitary state system: Sampanthan to constituents parties

We will not accept a solution within unitary system. We will not accept any solution that will not satisfy the aspirations of Tamil people, Sampanthan, TNA leader assured to constituent parties yesterday.

A discussion among the constituent parties was held yesterday and the constituent parties ITAK, PLOT, EPRLF, and TELO participated in this discussion. At the outset of the discussion Sampan talked for a few minutes and asked everyone to express their views. The constituent parties expressed several opinions including:

* The solution reached should be inclusive of North – East Merger .

* Unitary state solution should be accepted.

*Sampanthan and Sumnthiran who are members of the guidance Group do not tell us what is spoken in the Group.

* Sinhalese Leaders are continuing to say that no solution beyond unitary state will be reached and priority will be given to Buddhism through news papers.

* We should be informed of what is actually talked. We should be informed what is talked between TNA and the Government , beyond Guidance group.

 Sumanthiran who is a member told the TNA partners what had been talked so far in the Guidance Group and that the stance of TNA had been expressed in the Guidance Group.

Except N-E merger, Muslims are not ready to talk about this. We had to hold a long negotiation in this matter. The matter of priority to Buddhism is also talked about in the Group. We should not lose good things giving more preference to sentimental things. Several things in the Group are favourable to us, We have travel a long distance still, Sampanthan said.