Saturday 19 October 2019
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No support to any party in the election , the NPC CM declares

No support to any party  in the election , the NPC CM declares

Although he had been elected as the Chief Minister of the Northern Province, on behalf of the TNA, it is not proper for him to work for the candidates of that party in this election and that he had elected stay neutral, the Chief Minister of Northern Province, C.V. Wigneswaran had said in a press release yesterday.

While saying that his wish is that the people who are living in our land should elect people who will serve the people with dedication, the CM had also said that, as far as the Tamil representatives they should adhere to the teachings of Valluvan, and we need politicians who are honest in politics, committed to the cause, with an attitude to serve the people with dedication, with long vision and with the will, not to turn a turncoat in any circumstances. People who can assure the uniqueness of Tamil people, who can assure their right of self determination and who can win the rights and justice of our people are needed in this period to our soil and the people. I shall stand by them to understand this and to execute correctly their historical responsibility and the  righteous duties. he had said.

“ All I ask from you is to elect the best candidate to the Parliament.Select who could stand by Valluvan’s teaching, and make you prosper. We will use our political rights fully and make strengthen our political voyage. Watch sharply our actions and help us serve you with transparency and accountability” he had requested.

Until such time a permanent solution in given to the Tamil people, no representative of Tamil people should not accept a Ministerial portfolio, he has insisted in his press release.

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