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No “Two countries” nor “Two Administration, as Sri Lankans we should live in unity, says District Army Commander

The New Jaffna District Army commander , Maj. Gen. Senerath Bandara has said that two countries are not existing in Sri Lanka, nor two administrations.

Our objectives as the Army is ensuring National Security and establishing reconciliation. The government is to undertake several development plans and putting forward several proposals. The Army and the Command Headquarters of the District will undertake helping northern people, developing this region and improving the livelihood of the people of the region

Peace in our area is important. As per the policy of all Sri Lankans are citizens of this country we all are living united  in this country.

No two countries  and no two administrations here. No space for two military structures. As the Officer Commanding I will pay more interest on the security situation of the District. Further I will take action for the District people to live happily, he said.

Senarath Bandara 1