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Nobody can split TNA – will answer the formation of Tamil People’s Council later : Sampanthan

We will not approve members of TNA forming any organization without the approval of the leadership. This will pave the way for chaos and confusions. However, nobody could spilt the TNA which had acquired the unanimous support of the Tamil People, said Sampanthan, commentin on the formation of Tamil People’s Council (TPC).

We wish to stand in one team and find a permanent political solution.We do not wish to muddle this. Those who are trying muddle should think of , he said.

He further said: “Everybody has a democratic right to form any organization for the betterment of our community. But when persons holding positions on being nominated and elected following intense campaign by a political party forming such an organization without notifying the party he or she belongs to is undesirable. There is an issue of ethics over such a conduct.”

Responding to a question whether Tamil Peoples Council could split the TNA, he said: “Emergence of such organization can never split the Tamil National Alliance. I say that for TNA is Tamil people oriented, it has stood for the well being of the Tamil people for decades braving all odds. TNA has stood the test of time. It derives strength from the support of the Tamil people who have endorsed our role at every successive democratic poll. It has never betrayed the cause of the Tamils.

TNA has spelt out the political solution in no unmistakable terms in its election manifesto at all polls. TNA has won the endorsement and acclaim of the Tamil people. No secrecy shrouds over the political solution. We have exerted adequate pressure internally and abroad for a political solution.”