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Nobody could claim Sri Lanka for themselves, Religious extremism and Racism should be eliminated,  says Rathna Thero

Sri Lanka is a country. Nobody could claim it. The Law is same for all.

Member of the Parliament, Ven. Athuraliya Rathne Thero made a visit to Vavuniya. He met and had discussions with representatives of Public Organizations, Social activists and traders.

This meeting was held at the Seva Lanka Hall in Thavasiyakulam, Vavuniya.

Speaking there he said that there is no separate area  or separate law to Muslims. The Racism, religious extremism and radicalism have to be eliminated from the country. All should come forward to work towards this target.

Following the abnormal situation in the country, I have made this visit with an objective of making Tamil Sinhala and Muslim people and Working jointly to move the country towards development. Let  us work together in the future, he said.

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