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Nobody passed the Year 5 examination from 538 schools out of a total of 892 schools of the NP

Students from 892 schools of the Northern Province sat for the year 5 Scholarship Examination. Not a single student from each of the 538 schools  had passed  the examination, said the Education Department circles.

The results of year 5 Scholarship examination for the year 2016 was made public last week. Out of the Tamil medium students island wide, a student from the Northern Province secured the first place.19,090 students from 892 schools sat for this scholarship examination.

Out of the 19,090 students only 2,021 students had surpassed the cut of f marks. 17, 069 student did not pass the examination. Out of the total 892 schools only students from 354 schools had passed the examination. from the other 538 schools had not gone beyond the cut off.