Tamil Diplomat

If North and East do not merge, east will be plundered from us, Sampanthan warns Muslim leaders

We are fighting for winning our rights diplomatically. We anticipated the contributions of Muslim leaders, but, we did not receive them. During the last regime they tried to dilute the Geneva Resolution with the help of the Gulf States. If the North and East Provincial Council are not merged East will be plundered soon. The support of the Muslim people is essential if we are to win in this.

The matter of the expulsion of the Muslims cannot be brushed off saying it is a tragic event. The displaced people should be resettled and their livelihood developed. Acceding to my saying the lands should be released, the Army Commander also pointed out several barriers are existing against it. There were several Muslim Ministers in the government which  came  to power, on behind the other. Why they were unable to pursue successfully matters like resettlement of Muslim people?, he asked.

We are now negotiating with the government to secure rights, secure power. It is essential that we have these powers in our hands. The cooperation of the Muslim people is necessary, if we are to win in this, he said.

He was speaking in the 26th commemoration of the expulsion of Muslims from the North, held in Colombo presided by A.R.A.Ramees, the Leader of the Muslim Civil organization of the North.