Sunday 23 February 2020
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North leads the arena in National Level English Drama Competition

North leads the arena in National Level English Drama Competition

The results of the National Level English Drama Competition has been announced.

Ass per these results, the North has won 10 first places, seven second places and four third places and has achieved more victories than the past years. The list of the victories published by the Northern Province Director of Education, S.Uthayakumar is as follows:

Event Name School Title of the drama Character Position
Junior dialogue  Drama V.Vithuvarsan V/Vavuniya  TMMV A Friend in need Tom Special
Senior Dialogue Drama E.Adchayan Jaffna Hindu College Nurturer Teacher Special
English script writing (print writing) – Grade 6 B.praveena J/Immaiyanan GTMS First
                   Grade 8 T.Sutharmitha                ”       ‘ Second
                   Grade 10 S.Pameela J/Uduppiddy GS Second
                   Grade 10 L.Kishanthana Mannar St. Xaviers GS Third
                  Grade  11 T.Mathumitha J/Immaiyanan GTMS First
                   Grade 12 K.Janarthana Mannar St. Xaviers GS Second
                   Grade 12 N. Nivetha Jaffna Hindu Ladies Second
English Creative writing       Grade 6 T.Ratchel Thanya J/Chundikuli GC second
                    Grade 7 S.Deny constantine Jaffna Hindu College Second
                   Grade 7 S.Ashana V/Vavuniya  TMMV Second
                   Grade 09 P.Yuthisthiran Jaffna Hindu College Third
                   Grade 12 K.Thivakaran V/Vavuniya  TMMV First
                  Grade  13 M.Christeen Kanoola Holy Family Convent , Jaffna First
  English Dictation
Grade 06
K.Ann Suketha V/Rambaikulam MV First
                   Grade 10 S.Arthiga J/Vembady GC Third
                   Grade 13 E.Anuja V/Vavuniya  TMMV First
Un-prepared speech      Grade 13 A.Abilasha J/Vembady GC First
 Reciting English poems       Grade 4 T.Vishly J/Nelliady MMTMS Second
                   Grade 7 G.Oum Shiam Shankar J/ St. Johns’ college Second
                   Grade 10 L.Lavan Jaffna Hindu College First.

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