Tamil Diplomat

Northern Governor’s stance – Political Buddhistization in North should stop

The Governor of the Northern Province, Dr. Suren Ragavan had said all Buddhistization activities undertaken in the North with political motives should be stooped.

He had said so in an interview granted to Colombo based news paper, from Jaffna.

I shall meet the Mahanayake Theros soon and discuss with them regarding this matter. This is against Buddhism.  This is anti-democratic. I shall engage in intensive discussion with people who encourage the activities. I strongly believe that with the blessings of Mahanayakas, the persons behind these activities could be detected.

I am not worried about this only as Tamil. I think  this is just not correct as a Governor and a person who value Buddhist doctrines.

A true Buddhist will not breach any of these doctrines. He will not like to keep anything. He will not liked to expand anything. He will not like to break any chain.

Hence, if the Buddhistization is undertaken in the North is with political motives, it should be stopped. Places of worships could be kept in long term Sinhala settlements like Army Camps. We cannot stop them, he had said.