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Northern Province will not consent to Development Act: CM announces in the house

The Chief Minister of Northern Provincial Council, C.V.Wignewaran announced yesterday in the house that the Northern Provincial will never agree to the Draft of the Development Special Provisions Act. The Central Government should be able to travel along with the Provincial Council, accepting that the Provincial council could take decisions through devolution of power, he insisted.

A resolution regarding this was adopted unanimously in the House yesterday.

Elaborating further, he said, ” Certain powers are vested with the Northern Provincial Council. Certain matters are mentioned in it regarding devolution of power. According to them, whenever the Central Government brings up certain thing they had to consult the Provincial Council. If the PC is agreeable to it, it will become an act. Else it could be adopted by a majority vote in Parliament and implemented. If the new act is not agreeable to the PC, then it will become in-appropriate to the PC.

Colombo Government is attempting to table a new Law. It had undertaken activities to table it in the name ‘Development Special provisions Act. Through this the Central Government had taken a decision about what it should do and trying to what it want, economically, throughout the country.

It is not acceptable for the Centre to interfere in the powers and activities of the PCs. UVA had expressed its opposition to the above law. We are also in position where we had to oppose this law.”

Following this he tabled this as resolution which was unanimously adopted by the house.

Following the adoption, the CM officially announced that the NPC is opposing this draft law.

It is notable that the TNA’s Opposition was announced by its spokesman, MP, M.A.Sumanthiran.