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Northern Unemployed Graduates commence a struggle yesterday in front of District Secretariat

Northern Graduates without government employment commenced a struggle in front of the Jaffna District Secretariat yesterday. They said that they will continue the struggle day and night until their demands are met.

Commenting on this they said that the number of unemployed graduates are rising but employment is not provided to them. Although we have sent several requests through several ways to Central and Provincial Councils, no employment had been provided to Northern graduates.

As a consequence to our struggles in 2015, it was confirmed by the Ministers of the NPC, that 851 cadres for Development Officers were created under the Northern Province Development Ministry and sent for the approval of the Central Government. Interviews were called to fill these cadres but only less than 50 appointments were given under this scheme. Hence action should be taken to fill the 800 vacancies soon.

We came to understand that appointments are to be given to Volunteer teachers. We are not against giving appointments to volunteer teachers who served with dedication during war time. But we oppose appointments being given by the backdoor.

The resolutions adopted in the house regarding employment should be implemented they said.

It is notable that number of un-employed graduates taking part in the struggle had increased by night and some of them are with their babies in the spot.

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