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We are not abandoning Federal Solution : Sumanthiran

We are not going to abandon Federal System. We are firm in that the solution delivered to us should be based on the Federal System, said the Spokesman of TNA and MP, M.A.Sumanthiran.

Speaking further, in an event to recruit new members to the ITAK, held at the Office of the party at Point Pedro, presided by MPc S.Sugirthan, he said, We have not abandoned Federal System but, had made some compromises in what terms should be used.

In Spain it is said as Unitary state but Federal government is prevailing there. In Australia it is stated as Federal Government, Unitary state is prevailing there. If we look at the system in Britain which is the origin of all Unitary states, but power devolution there is better than in any Federal State. If “Unitary state’ is used in the Constitution that will make all subsequent words in all definition into Unitary State. That is why we are opposing the use of unitary state.

The word ‘Unitary state’ should not be used in the constitution. It will be dangerous if it is used. We will not agree to it. But Federal system should be in the content. If it is to Federal system, the powers should be devolved fully. Centre should not have any influence on it. The powers devolved shall not be revoked by the Centre, without the consent of the states. That is Federal system, he explained.