Tamil Diplomat

Do not define the struggle of the Tamils as Terrorism, in the future, Mawai requests in front of Maithri

It will be better if the Political Leaders and Military personnel would not pronounce the word Terrorism in the future. I request you from my heart, not to state anymore that you have defeated Tamils. It will be the good virtue of Reconciliation, said Mawai Senathyrasa, the Leader of the ITAK.

He was speaking at an event for handing over 100 houses built for landless people in transit camps,  in the presence of the President.

Our people voted you to the presidency with expectations of several matters, including Political Solution and release of TPP. We hope that you will work with faithfully in establishing Reconciliation. Attempts are being made to disturb religious reconciliation.

The people here should be made to think  that they are not under occupation or not being oppressed and that they are ruling themselves.

It is a good signal that these houses were built by the same hands that destroyed theses areas and the same hands which destroyed lives, and thereby the existence of these people being ratified, he said.