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We did not define us as a national race for religious identity: insists Minister Rishad

The reason for Muslim people adopting Tamil as their mother tongue is because the Tamil Language has attracted Islamic philosophical wisdom before several centuries ago and I am duty bound to say that, on the contrary we have not defined us as a national race with Muslim identity, just for Politics, said the President of All Ceylon People’s Congress and a Minister, Rishad Badi-ud-deen.

The World Islamic Tamil Literature Conference was held in The Ilankai Manram College on Sunday. Participating in the Conference, he said as above. Islamic Tamil Research journal and Conference souvenir volume were released in this conference. Several scholars who had contributed to the Islamic Tamil Literature were awarded with honorary awards in this Conference.

Speaking further he said that, after the twin-tower attack in America, a war against terrorism had been planned by world powers and it being pursued against the Muslims, and all the intellectuals and Literates will accept that, the dominating forces are trying to force the danger of the remains of crackers to explode in Sri Lankan Muslims.

We the Sri Lankan Muslims, love this country and the people of this country in accordance with the ‘Eeman’. When peace and grace joins together only  ‘Suvanam’ will be achieved, the militancy will not raise its head, he said.