Tamil Diplomat

Should not demonstrate against Maithri- Army warns people of Kepapulavu

Kepapulavu people said that the Army had warned that they should not engaged in attention drawing demonstration when the Head of the government visits Mullaitheevu or Kepapulavu.

They further said that the Head of the government is to visit Mullaitheevu District on the 25th of this month. It was said the he will as a first stage release 243 acre lands belonging to 53 families. However the lands belonging us, the natives of Kepapulavu are not released. The lands to be released belong to the villagers of Vattappalai.

There were also some title lands belonging to Jaffna residents are also in Kepepulavu, which were also said to be released.

Lands belonging to us, who are living model village are to be released only as the third stage. Will our life in Model village is to go on further? They asked. We wished to make the president aware of  our predicament.

However the Army had warned us not to hold any demonstration during the President’s visit, they said.