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Nothing could be done in North surpassing Army: Change in leadership only solution, says Relatives of Missing

The Relatives of the missing engaged in continuous struggle at Vavuniya  said that, nothing could be done in the North surpassing the Army and  a change in the political Leadership is the only solution for the Tamil people.

They said so while participating in a media conference in Vavuniya.

Elaborating further they said that Sampanthan Sumanthiran are saying that democracy is prevailing in Sri Lanka. But several years have passed after the country had gone into Military rule.

A situation where especially in the North and East, Education, Administration and Development cannot be undertaken surpassing the Army.

The gross result of this situation has happened in the matter of the Jaffna University Law lecturer and Attorney at Law , K.Guruparan.

Guruparan can teach in the University but, cannot appear in courts for affected Tamil people. We remember Prof.G.L.Peiris appearing in several cases while teaching at the Law College.

Meanwhile, a situation has come in where the Tamil people have to unite in their voting. We must bring to the fore educated leaders who will not sell themselves. People support for that has been created now. A Political Leadership change is the only solution before Tamil people now, they said.