Tamil Diplomat

NPC boycotts visit of the Premier: No proper invitation to the CM

As the CM was not invited properly for the functions to be attended by the Prime Minister, the NPC members will not participate in those events, it is reliably learnt.

The Prime Minister is scheduled to participate in events at the Naga Vihara,  Weerasingam hall, meetings with the TNA MP of Jaffna and Kilinochchi, Rehabilitated ex-LTTE members, Woman leadership families, meetings regarding re-settlements, and representatives of Fishermen’ Associations and religious dignitaries. But the CM was not invited to any of these events.

It is not a secret that a ‘Cold war’ is prevailing between the CM and the PM and it is last week that, Ranil told in an interview to the Thanthi TV service, that the NPC CM is a liar and that he will not meet him when he will visit the North. Because of these developments the CM is being excluded it seems. And this is the reason for the NPC boycotting the PM’s events although the TNA MPs will participate in them.