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NPC CM’s Ministry collecting data, to raise the livelihood of Woman-leadership Families

A  Project to collect data of war affected and Woman Leadership families and drafting a project to raise the Livelihood of has been started by the CM’s Ministry, it is reported.

The basic project to collect data regarding Women’s affairs, and rehabilitation is to be undertaken in collaboration with Divisional Secretaries, Local government bodies and State organizations in the North.

Large numbers of women are coming under the categories such as Woman Leadership families, War widows, widows, war- disabled, those who had lost their livelihood stocks to war, those who have lost their houses or properties and those who have special needs.

Providing them with livelihood housing assistance and identifying and implementing had transformed into s big challenge.

The cooperation of all is essential in this project. To fulfill this obligation and duty, it is essential that the data and their needs be obtained on a divisional basis. The Projects to improve the livelihoods of woman leadership families had to be identified immediately. These tasks will be undertaken till 31st and the cooperation of everyone is much solicited, the sources of the CM’s Secretariat said.