Tamil Diplomat

NPC member Sugirthan propose to declare 2016 as an Anti- Narcotics Year

The NPC member S.Sugirthan, speaking on the votes of Education Ministry said that the North which did not become slave to narcotics when war was at its peak, is attempting now to be another slave to narcotics.

The main reason for this is that the narcotics related offenders not being sentenced to maximum sentence.During the period of the LTTE severe punishment were given to such people. Narcotics was not a problem then.

Use of narcotics had increased among all factions including students. Having this in mind the NPC should take appropriate action to eradicate narcotic use in the North. If we do not pay attention over this we may have to face decline of educational sector.

Hence the NPC should declare 2016 as an Anti-Narcotics year and take all possible action to eradicate this menace, he said.