Sunday 20 January 2019
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NPC Members join to hold protest Rally in Mulaitheevu, condemning outrages Sinhala Colonization

NPC Members join to hold protest Rally in Mulaitheevu, condemning outrages Sinhala Colonization

The Members of the NPC visited yesterday visited Mulaitheevu District and directly inspected the Outrages Sinhala colonization, intrigues of grabbing lands of Tamil through Mahaweli Development Authority and militarization continuously undertaken in Mullaitheevu District.

Thereafter, they had held a protest demonstration in front of the District Secretariat, Mulaitheevu.

During the 120th sitting of the NPC member T.Raviharan tabled a attention drawing motion relevant to the outrages Sinhala colonization, illegal fishing by Sinhalese Fishermen and encroaching lands of Tamil people and building a vihare in them, continuously undertaken in Mullaitheevu District and requested that attention should be paid on them at least in this last stage of the NPC.

It was decided that the members should visit the said areas, inspect them, find out the opinion of the public and supply possible assistances and take possible action against them and most of the Members had gone to the area.

Earlier they inspected the vihare constructed on a private land in Kokkulai. Then they inspected the outrages farming by Sinhalese people on lands of Tamils at Mankindymalai.  Then they inspected the Munthirikaikulam which had been renamed as Nelumwewa. The illegal fishing undertaken at Nayaru and Kokkilai by the Sinhalese fishermen and several other places were inspected by them.

Finally they went to Mulaitheevu District Secretariat and held a demonstration in front of it at around 2.30 p.m. They shouted slogans, holding placards bearing following slogans:

* Don’t rob lands of Tamils in the name of Mahaweli !

* Don’t build vihares in lands of Tamils !

* Army! Get out of our  home land !

* Manalaru is our heartland !

* Mulai soil is our own soil !

* lands of the Tamils belong to the Tamils !

Finally, a memorandum for the President was handed over to the District Secretary. At the same time they insisted with the District Secretary that the District Secretary should take all possible steps, particularly against the illegal fishing of Southern Fishermen.


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