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NPC to express opposition to grabbing powers granted to Local Government bodies, by Colombo

The CM, NPC will table a resolution expressing opposition to Colombo’s Urban Development Authority taking back powers granted in 1985 to local Government Bodies, including granting approval to buildings and other matters.

This act has a hidden motive of taking back authorities granted to Local Government bodies, through 13th Amendment. This urgent resolution is to call the Central Government to call back the said circular which takes back the authorities granted to Local Government Bodies.

The 84th sitting of the NPC is to be held today and the above resolution had been included in agenda for today’s sitting.

The circular issued by the Urban Development Authority on 1/2/2017, says that the authorities handed over to the Local Government Bodies in 1985 are being taken back.

Authority to grant approval for building with more than 3 floors, Development in more than 4,000 sq. ft. , Industries that could cause pollution of environment, and fuel handling establishments had been revoked by this circular.

The 13th Amendment states that powers already granted to local government Bodies could not taken away, while handing over the powers to Provincial Councils. In a context where more powers should be handed over, especially in this development phase, taking off already granted authorities in an act to curb the activities of the Local Government Bodies.