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NPC will not hesitate to face the case, CVK retorts HelaUrumaya

The Northern Provincial is ready to face any case filed by anybody saying that the NPC is acting in a racist way, said, the Leader of the house, C.V.K.Sivagnnam.

The Co-Chair of the Hela Urumaya, Kedigalle Wimalasara Thero had earlier stated that the Hela Urumaya will file a case against NPC, if it will not stop its Racist actions.

Commenting on the statement of Kedigalle Wimalasara Thero, CVK said that, certain factions in the southern Sri Lanka are saying that the Northern Provincial Council is undertaking racist and separatist actions. There is no truth in these opinions. Certain media in the South false matters into news. Recently, the C0-chairman of Hela Urumaya had said that a case will be filed against NPC. The NPC is not going to be frightened by his statement. If they file a case we could clarify our activities through the case to those who file the case and the public.

No resolution was adopted in our last sitting, banning sale of toddy from the south in the North. The resolution asked that the Palmyrah and Coconut Development Boards should not purchase toddy from the South. They should clearly understand that, No ban was imposed on the southern toddy being sold in Northern wine stores. Similatly they should clearly understand our position on matters regarding Vihares.

The NPC had not from its inception engaged in neither any racist actions nor adopted resolutions regarding them. NPC will not be afraid of the threat to file a case. It will a good chance to disseminate our position, he said.