Tamil Diplomat

Our objective is a solution desired by Tamil people: We are vigorously pursuing it

TNA Leader and the Opposition Leader, Era Sampanthan said that the  will definitely get a solution desired by Tamil people. TNA’s stance is that, any solution given nationally, has to respect the sovereignty of all the people living in the country.  The controversies and criticisms are rising up because of this. A solution that will put a full stop to these will come. Not only for Tamil people, but also for all the races living in this country, the year 2017 will be a significant year.

The controversies and question as to unitary state?….Federal System?… or any other mechanism?  Whether the North and East will be merged or not? Which religion will get the priority? will certainly rise.

A constitution cannot be adopted in any country without opposition. That is what happening in Sri Lanka now. I am well aware what happened in matters relevant to Political solution in the past.

Therefore, I will undertake all activities that are needed for the Tamil people, who lived historically in this country could live with self-respect. That is my duty, he had said.