Tamil Diplomat

Observe Feb 4th as Black day of Tamils: request Pliakudiyiruppu demonstrators

All the Tamil people should observe the Independence Day as a black day. Please support us, who had hit the arena to liberate our lands, by observing the Independence Day as a black day, compassionately requested people of Pilakudiyiruppu who are on their 4th day of struggle yesterday.

Support for the struggle of Pilakudiyirruppu people is increasing on a daily basis. Puthukudiyiruppu people went into sympathetic struggle yesterday in support of pilakudiyiruppu people.

Meanwhile one of the protestors suddenly fainted yesterday and was admitted to Mancholai hospital. However the struggle is being undertaken  more intensively. The people who are on the 4th day of their struggle has bowed to continue until they are able to step into their own lands.

What is the meaning of celebrating the Independence Day after depriving us of the independence to go into our own lands, they asked.

Wear black dress or armband and demonstrate your solidarity with us, they had requested.