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An office of the Foreign Ministry in Vavuniya,for the welfare of Northern people, say Minister Mangala

Minister Mangala Samaraweera said yesterday that office of the Foreign Ministry will be established soon at Vavuniya for the welfare of Northern People.

Minister inaugurated a awareness creating mobile program regarding the Consular services provided by the Foreign Ministry in front of Nallur Temple on point Pedro Road, yesterday. He said as above,  while speaking speaking after the inauguration. Continuing further he said, we have commenced this mobile service with an objective of creating love and reconciliation among the races. Jaffna people and foreigners could get advice and assistance through this.

As per the request of the CM, we will be opening a section of the Foreign Ministry in Vavuniya for the benefit of Northern people in Vavuniya. We have already undertaken activities for this, he said.

While answering questions on allowing people to use Myliddy Harbour he said, that he went and had a firsthand knowledge of the area. I understood the requests of the people there. Our aim is to create a situation where the people will engage in their trade in a routine way.

We are holding negotiations on what things should be done first to bring the Northern people to routine life and what are the problems they are facing he said.