Tamil Diplomat

Omanthai check point land to be released by the Army

Army has consented to release the land in extent of 20 acre located at the Omanthai Check point in Vavuniya District. In lieu of this land army is to given 6 acres anywhere else located along A9 road, said Thireshkumar, the Additional District Secretary of  Vavuniya.

A meeting was held in the auditorium of the Vavuniya District Secretariat, yesterday regarding the lands under control of the Army  in Vavuniya/Omanthai area,  between the owners of the lands at Rambaikulam and the Additional District Secretary.

Army said that they keep 6 acres and release the balance. They also said that they are not insisting on lands in this area. They are prepared to accept 6 acre anywhere along A9 Road, they said.

The Landowners have said that lands of 45 families are under the control of the Army for 23 years and requested that these lands be released to them.

It was said that there is an unused land near the check post area. If this plot is state land, that will be given to the Army and the lands of the people will be returned to them, he said.