Tamil Diplomat

One group of TPPs released on bail to disintegrate the struggle of the TPPS : CM, NCP

The act of the Government in releasing the Tamil Political Prisoners (TPPs) in stages is a technique to split the TPPs and disintegrate their unified struggle, so it seems, said the CM, C.V.Wigneswaran.

It gives us much sorrow to see our people tapping on all sorts of doors seeking the release of their kins. They  showed one face, while releasing  JVPers and another face when it comes to TPPs. The government has failed to fulfill its own deadline.

Now the TPPs had put forward a call for General strike on behalf of their release. Public organizations had called for a general strike on 13th and we, NPC pledge our soulful support to the General strike.

However, the expectation of the NPC is that the TPPs should be released without conditions, said the CM.