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One TPP sent to rehabilitation after reducing accusations against him

The AG Department has reduced the charges on a TPP, Markandu Neminathan. As the TPP pleaded guilty to the reduced charges he was sentenced 3 months hard labor and 6 months of rehabilitation by the Jaffna High Court Judge M.Ilancheliyan.

The AG’s Department filed a charge sheet against the TPP, accusing him of attempting to attack Security Forces in Kilinochchi in 1996, in Jaffna High Court. The attorney for the AG’s Department informed the court that charges against the TPP is being reduced, and following that the TPP pleaded guilty for the reduced charges and the above judgement was passed on him.

It is notable that AG’s Department had decided to reduce the charges against 23 TPPs and release them after rehabilitating them and the Ministries of Rehabilitation, Law and Order and Justice had expressed their consent for this.