Monday 25 May 2020
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 One youth injured in Army shooting on curfew breaker in Manthikai

 One youth injured in Army shooting on curfew breaker in Manthikai

One youth was seriously injured in Army shooting on persons travelling on motor cycle and  not stopping for Army stop signal at Manthikai, early morning  yesterday and admitted to Point Pedro Base Hospital, Point Pedro Police said.

This incident had occurred at Manthikai junction on Jaffna – Point Pedro Road, yesterday early morning .

Pasupathy Anushan ( aged 23) from Muravil Mavady, Puloly was the youth who was injured in the incident and being treated at the Point Pedro Base Hospital.

The Army was on duty at Manthikai junction day before yesterday Night. At around 11.00 p.m., two persons had come on a Motor cycle and when the Army tried to stop them, they had attacked  the Army men with stones and a torch and had escaped, it is said.

One soldier sustained fracture of his hand and was admitted to Point Pedro Base Hospital and additional soldiers were called in to search for the escaped persons.

During the early hours of yesterday the Army had seen a motor cycle coming and signalled it to stop. However the motor cycle had not stopped and the soldiers opened fire on it . Although a youth was injured in the shooting, he had driven the motor cycle home and later admitted to the Hospital by an ambulance.

The youth had sustained injuries at three places in his body and the Point Pedro Police is undertaking further inquiries.


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