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Only 90 acres have been released in Vasavilan; That too useless lands: Says Wigneswaran

Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister Justice CV Wigneswaran, who visited Vasavilan today,   expressed disappointment and dismay over the actual situation of so called freed areas of the village.

“197.6 acres were promised by Army to be released in the Oddakapulam area in Vasavilan. Only about 90 acres maximum have been released. That too useless lands. The Tholagatty Farm area was to be released. Not released.” Wigneswaran said to media.

The Cabinet had decided earlier to release 1,100 acres for re-settlement, only Vallalai and Vasavilan were to be released first.  Others were said to be released after de-mining the areas. The re-settlers were allowed to inspect their lands, where 233 acres are to be released in Vallalai and 197 acres in Vasavillan.

In this context, the people who are to be resettled there were asked to be present in Kuttiyapulam area by the Chairman of the Re-settlement Authority, Hareem Peris yesterday to inspect Vasavilaan. However, they were not permitted to visit the areas, as promised.

Wigneswaran after vising the areas today said, “Last Tuesday I went through the Atchuveli Road from Valalai and joined Palaly Road. Today I find the Road closed about one or two kilometres from Palaly Road. The people now have to go about 30 kilometres round to go to DS’s office or to schools on the Palaly Road. I cannot understand why such a decision has been made by the Army. The Army has got used to twenty five years of cosy living in these areas and now do not seem to be wanting to leave”.

“I tried to contact the Officer Commanding Mr.Udawatta. But he was not available. The Brigade Commander paid a courtesy call on me today – Colonel Kodituwakku. But this comes under Mr.Udawatte. The people are confused. Why should they do this to us when we have been very excitedly and anxiously waiting for the release, they ask”  he further said.