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Only first of the three types of TPPs could be released first : Minister of Justice in Jaffna

The Minister of Justice, Wijayathasa Rajapakse  said in Jaffna that the Tamil Political Prisoners (TPPs) are classified into three categories and only the first category could be released now. Nothing could be said of the release of the others.

The Minister of justice, who was on a visit to Jaffna met the Judges and Lawyers yesterday in the Jaffna Courts Complex.

Elaborating further, during the discussion he said that, we have divided the TPPs into three categories. Those, whose cases are pending and the cases are not serious come under the first category. Their cases could be dismissed and they could be released.

We could talk about releasing on bail those who are with less serious cases. But regarding those who are under serious charges had to be studied and decision taken.

Above all he said all those who were under the custody of TID without being charged, had been handed over to the Attorney General Department and sent to prisons, he said.

He also said the Government is reviewing the cases of the TPPs and a firm decision will be taken soon.