Tamil Diplomat

Only Hybrid- courts could deliver justice to Tamils, says Northern Opposition Leader

“ Only Hybrid-Courts could deliver justice to Tamil. Internal Mechanism is merely an eye-wash. As per the proposals of America they have insisted on Internal Mechanism with the cooperation of International Community. The actions taken to implement the recommendations of  President’s Commissions will stand in evidence as to how opened mindedly the Internal Mechanism  will be operated. ” said S.Thavarasa , the Leader of the Opposition, NPC.

He also said that, the Investigation to be conducted is a criminal investigation and hence, the Tamil Leadership should insist on a Hybrid Court consisting of  international Judges, Prosecutors and Lawyers and investigators, as we could understand from our past histories as to how open heartedly the Prosecutors to Investigators of Internal Mechanism will perform. If it is not done, justice for the Tamils will be a big question mark, he further said.