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Order not received for removal of Pilapudiyiruppu Camp: says Air Force

In a context where the struggle of Pilapudiyiruppu people has reached its 21st day, the the Air Force has said that no orders have been received from Ministry of Defence to remove the Camp at Pilapudiyiruppu.

However the Air Force officers said that discussions are being carried out regarding a possible solution to this problem.

The Spokesman for Air Force, Group Captain Chandima Alwis elaborated on the matter saying that, Wild Animals Department had said that this land do not belong to any private person but the people say it belongs to them. We are holding discussion  with officers of the Security services regarding the accuracy of the claims of the people.No decision had been taken so far. Consultations are going on in the Government circles, but so far no order had been given to us as speculated in the media.

It is notable that, the Minister of resettlement, D.M.Swamynathan said after a meeting with the President that the president had ordered the Army commander to release the lands at Kepapilavu.