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Our children were abducted by the Army: Kins of missing persons

Army is solely responsible for our relatives going missing. They broke into our house in army uniforms during curfew hours and dragged our relatives. The relatives of persons who had gone missing testified yesterday boldly in the President’s Commission which held its sitting in Jaffna Secretariat yesterday. Most of them testified that their children were taken away by army men who were stationed with 512 brigade in Jaffna. They also said that, their kins were seen by their relatives in camps at Kaithady, Navatkuly,UIduvil and Poomangkulam. The Commission had said that the camps indicated by people will be investigated. Altogether 165 persons testified yesterday before  the commission.

They also mentioned names of the army officers who took away their relatives. Not only army but the EPDP also abducted our relatives they said .Some highlights are given below:

” I saw my son standing with the Army in a photograph in a web site, taken while lands were released to people in Vayavillan. My husband was working as a marriage registrar of the LTTE. Both of them are with the Army. I don’t want compensations or land. Find them for me.”

” My son who was abducted by Army officer Sanjeeva Liyanage (Siyal)who came with 15 army men took away my son from my home in Ramanathan Road Thirunelvely. They assaulted my wife who tried to intervene and our dog, which is still limping. I saw the army officer who abducted my son in a function of a friend. This officer immediately went away but, later had told my friend that my son is alive. Later in 2013, one Nanthakumar who is known to me had seen my son walking with Deneeswaran of EPDP at Kollupitiya. in 2014, SI Bandara of the TID threatened us of arresting us.” -Nagalingam Sathyawageswaran.