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Our children were abducted by the Army: More Testimonies to President’s Commission on Missing Persons

The relatives of persons who had gone missing have been boldly testifying for the past three days in the President’s Commission which hold its sitting in Jaffna Secretariat . Most of them testified that their children were taken away by army men who were stationed with 512 brigade in Jaffna. They also said that, their kins were seen by their relatives in camps at Kaithady, Navatkuly,UIduvil and Poomangkulam.

We publish below some testimonies given by the relatives of the missing persons:

“My son Thavarajah Yatheeswaran was recruited in 2000 and declared as Maveerar in 2002 by LTTE. But my relatives had seen him 9 years later in Army uniform in Koddady army camp and he had told them that he is unable to escape. When we searched for him he was not there.  Please find him.”

” My father Aseervatham Anton was arrested while fishing near Mandaitheevu with another person by the Navy  on 1993.11.07th . Other person was released but the fate of my father is not known. Army men who came in a Motorcycle told us that my father had escaped.  Later he was found in a photograph of prisoners who were fasting published in 2003. We could not go to see him as the A9 road was closed. Later, a person from 5-junction, who was released from prison told us that he saw my father in a camp.”  -Anton  Sutharsan.

“My son was abducted by the Army who came to our house during peace talks. I had seen several of the Army men who abducted my son in Vanni and I saw one of them in the security unit that came with President Maithripala Sirisena, when I went with my husband for the release of lands in Vali-North.” – A mother

” My husband Palaiyah Palachandran, of Colombothurai, Jaffna, aged 41, a cycle mechanic, was arrested by people in civils on 2007.04.01, at mid-night. When we shouted, they placed the rifle on the chest of my daughter and threatened not to shout. I complained to ICRC, HRC and the police. Later the ICRC came and informed us that army had denied arresting my husband.” – A Wife.

“The Army came with a baffle 2007 January to our home in Temple Road, Jaffna and arrested my son-in-law, Kanthasamy SatheesKanna (32), my son, Sothyrajah Mohanakanth(22) and a nephew Thiraviyanathan Thiraviyaventhan (21) . When we went in search of them all the camps denied arresting them. 5 months later they came again and shot two of my sons dead.” – Sothyraja Santhakumary.