Thursday 9 July 2020
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Our Maiden Voyage

Our Maiden Voyage

The Ethnic strife in Lanka over the last five decades has evolved over many stages. It has seen resistance to oppression both nonviolent and resistance, third-party involvement namely International mediation, ceasefire treaties, intense dialogues, breakdowns and ultimately an all-out war leading to incalculable human loss and the end to armed conflict.

Many lessons have been learnt in the hardest and the most painful of ways, and this has generated a platform to deliberate on the means of overcoming the identified challenges and difficulties in creating a future for Tamils in which we can stand & live with equality, self-respect and happiness. The Tamil Diplomat is mindful of this responsibility and expects to take a vigorous part in its assignments to assume the responsibility.

Through the distribution of information and knowledge, The Tamil Diplomat targets to provide a straight and honest opinion, with the dream of creating a dignified and empowered Tamil Nation that is free from injustices and inequalities in improving it’s economic, social and political well-being in the Island of Sri Lanka and around the world.

The Tamil Diplomat in particular will take a critical evaluation and analysis of the Tamil activism in Sri Lanka, the polity in Sri Lanka & India and the transnational political practices of the Tamil Diaspora. It will also bring alternative views that offers a genuine political discourse aimed at ensuring the socio, economic and political progress of the Tamils. It will be a medium of economic, cultural and social informative communication that aims to empower the Tamil People.

 In this vision, The Tamil Diplomat expects to scale, reach and influence the politicians, diplomats, policy makers, academics, diaspora activists, organisations, media & journalists, and will respond to the emerging challenges and opportunities to achieve its objectives.

 This information and knowledge portal will bring news coverage, analytical articles, feature articles, essays and visual contents from qualified and experienced journalists, writers and scholars from Sri Lanka and abroad. The Tamil Diplomat is wide eyed and being aware of its responsibility will strive   to carry out its obligation to the best of its ability.

 Our gratitude to everyone who has supported this challenging and important mission.  We promise to do our best in this endeavour.

At this important juncture our thoughts are with everyone who has sacrificed their life for our struggle.

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