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Our victory is people’s mandate for good governance:Ranil

United National Party Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has said that the party’s victory is a mandate govern by the people for Good Governance.

In a special statement, the Prime Minister said that the people have backed the revolution achieved on January 8 and want that to continue. He offered his grateful thanks to all parties and individuals who worked untiringly during the election period to ensure victory for the people. We have been able to create a peaceful atmosphere needed for a free and fair election.

He also said that there should not be a division among st people as winners and losers and that everyone should get together as the sons and daughters of Sri Lanka to the task of building a new political culture in this country.

The UNP leader urged all Sri Lankans to unite to build a civilized society, build a consensual government and create a new country with equal opportunities for everybody.